Customer Recommendation

Source:Edadoc Time:2017/5/5

Peter (Director of Hardware Engineering at Arista Networks, Inc.)

I manage the PCB design team for Arista Networks and we have been working with EDADoc for over 5-years. EDADoc primarily provides us with PCB design services but we've had them simulate 25GHz channels in 20+ layer designs. EDADoc has designed everything from simple 2-layer passive boards to the most complex high-speed designs we have. EDADoc has the right combination of speed and minimum errors managing to meet our very aggressive schedules most of the time. They are very clear about when they cannot meet the schedule and consequently have become our go-to partner when we need something quick. We recommend EDADoc and consider them an important partner in our PCB design process.

Andrew (Hardware Design Manager at Marvell Semiconductor, Inc.)

It has been a great experience for our design engineers to work with the EDADOC layout team for the past several years. Their team’s layout expertise and great service attitude are highly regarded. We’ve received good suggestions and have good communication between our design engineers and their layout engineers. All the layout jobs are well done…We also appreciate their excellent and on-time PCB fabrication service. It helps us assemble our evaluation boards on time with good quality.

Yao - Hardware Engineer

Since 2007, Edadoc has helped my previous employer Luidia in multiple board layout and fabrication, for proto run and production build. I'm impressed with the speedy service with high quality from Edadoc. I work as a contractor in my spare time, with OnVector etc., Edadoc also did board layout and production build for us. I see no surprise in the consistency of their great quality and services.